Katie Morgan, Sarah Vandella - Motherboard [MomsOnMoms.com/GirlsWay.com] [SD|mp4|466.59 Mb|544p]

Katie Morgan, Sarah Vandella - Motherboard [MomsOnMoms.com/GirlsWay.com] [SD|mp4|466.59 Mb|544p]

Description: Today is a bittersweet day for Sarah Vandella as she approaches an unused room she rarely visits anymore. She takes a seat at a desk and opens an ornate box, gingerly removing a USB stick wrapped in cloth. With a steadying breath, she puts the USB stick into a nearby laptop and presses a few keys...
Within moments, a hologram of Katie Morgan, Sarahs late step-mom, is projected onto the bed. When Katie affectionately greets her with a smile, Sarah is almost brought to tears. Is this REALLY her step-mom?? Katie assures her that, even though shes a tactile hologram, she has all the memories of who she was before, which makes her just as real.
Sarah apologizes for not booting up Katie earlier, but the grief was just too strong. Now, though, she needs her mom more than ever. Her own daughters going to college and everythings changing, and shes scared... Theres just so much going on and she doesnt know what to do!
Katie is every bit as comforting and motherly as shed always been, which helps to put Sarah more at ease. As Katie soothes her, Sarah is hit with just how much she misses her... and how much she regrets not telling Katie how she REALLY felt about her when she was alive...
Katie is not fazed when Sarah hesitantly admits that she had romantic feelings for her. Katie insists that it was SO OBVIOUS! In fact, maybe they should work out those feelings so that Sarah can truly move on once and for all. All she wants is for her sweet daughter to be happy.
They make passionate love, their bodies pressed close. Theres no shortage of attention paid as they explore each others bodies, caressing breasts and licking pussy. Each touch sends shockwaves of pleasure through Sarah, but will it be enough to finally put her grief to rest?

Genre porn: Lesbians, Mature, Big Tits, Milf, Masturbation, Blonde, Standing 69, Pussy Licking, Tattoo, Piercing
Actress: Katie Morgan, Sarah Vandella
Porn Video: Motherboard
Pay site: MomsOnMoms.com / GirlsWay.com

Released year: 2020
Duration: 00:35:23

Quality: SD
Format: mp4
Video: AVC, 960x544, (30:17), 23.98 Fps, 1645 Kbs
Audio:  AAC LC, Stereo 2, 192000 Kbs
Size: 466.59 Mb


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